When breakfast matters

Waking up, that sudden reconnection with the harsh everyday reality and a way of turning it into something special: breakfast

The frescoed and restored eighteenth-century salon, conjuring a comfortable world in which beauty was an essential part of every instant of the day, opens out into the Italian gardens just beneath the sensational windows with their boundless views and the soft geometry of the vineyards a short distance away.

At the Agriresort the time dedicated to breakfast is as precious as the minutes devoted to lunch and dinner. We care about making your first menu of the day as the delightful aromas drift from the kitchen to awaken the senses.

This would suffice to lift our guests’ spirits, but it’s not the only aim we set for ourselves: we love to see the smiles that come from starting the day with a selection of countless homemade cakes, freshly baked bread, just-sliced cured meats and slices of flavorful cheeses. We love serving young and more mature varieties, playing with the levity of the day’s produce and a few bolder morsels for savory connoisseurs.

Breakfast has different meanings – and different durations – for business travelers and carefree holidaymakers: in both cases, the Agriresort adjusts to the needs of everyone, in the same way that water flows around stones and plants.

Not all princesses need a prince to wake up. Some just need a good breakfast.