Vivere di Gusto

What’s Vivere di Gusto? The answer could be short and simple, or long and detailed. Let’s put it this way: our magazine aspires to be a chorus of voices about what it means to lead a life of taste.

Careful readers will say, “Ok, so tell me something new, because I already understand that from the title”.  And yet, that’s the focus right there: distilling from our daily lives, getting around, thinking, creating, inventing and tinkering. Where’s the taste of life and how much of it remains? Plenty, we think. 

What remains is the very idea of living while enjoying the day, savoring the small pleasures of crossing a centuries-old bridge or a modern highway, gazing at a mountain or running after a friend to say hello, smiling at the beauty of an Italian masterpiece or tasting a variety of flavors, aromas and feelings that our much-maligned land gives us. There’s also the Italian idea of eating while talking about eating; it’s something that sets up apart from everyone else.

The gusto of meeting over a glass of wine or something else, the simply being with happy people in a joyous place. With a snack or for lunch, with relatives or a group of friends, a convivium remains the Italian space par excellence in which relationships are cultivated: personal and professional, sentimental and friendly. A convivium is a place where opinions are exchanged and affections are whispered, shouted or cheered by a glass of wine or simple attraction. 

It’s that simple to pinpoint guidelines for a certain way to observe the world through taste, whether at the table or in our daily lives, surrounded by all this beauty. It’s our wish that we will explore towns and wonder at views, venture to cities and wander around churches, in myriad moments of dazzling beauty that this extraordinary country has to offer. It’s our wish to discover these moments, meet people and savor occasions.

We wish to tell these stories our way, in Ruffino style, that way of telling things that acquire nuances all of their own in Tuscany, through recollections and revisitations, but which is no less than in other regions, especially the ones we know from our lives and careers. 

The idea for this “magazine” came from Francesco Sorelli, author of “La Toscana di Ruffino”, which acts as the cornerstone of our storytelling. Francesco will contribute to the magazine as writer and editorial director. Working alongside him is Stefano Caffarri, author of numerous Italian food and wine publications, who will also write articles and provide his point of view through photography.

We hope to attract the attention and taste of our many friends and acquaintances, with whom we wish to write a new vision of moments, words and images, which depict a life of taste.

A centuries-old and contemporary approach, which remembers the salient aspects of recent and distant events, and turning these elements into fertile ground for the whole universe, a world that includes humans, our accomplishments and everyday way of living life to its fullest.