Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two

In Italian, we normally spell out the whole year: two-thousand and twenty, for example. But recently, we’ve got into the habit of calling that year venti-venti (twenty-twenty), which we’ve inherited from the dry, punchy, Americanized English that now dominates the world, where everything is an acronym or an abbreviation. Twenty-twenty has become shorthand for a bad, bad year, probably the worst since the Second World War. Then we were let down by 2021, with its false hopes and cold showers. Now we welcome in 2022, in the hope of something brighter, more open and more fertile, yet always wary of those rumbling stormclouds in the distance. It’s hard not to quail before these steel-grey skies, which seem to blot out the sun from dawn till dusk during these short days. But we cannot let ourselves fall into a rut and forget what, with a bit of effort, we will still be able to find in these dark days. That is, Living with Gusto.

In 2021 we soldiered on with determination, conviction and persistence. We published some 150 documents, which I hesitate to call articles: they were, essentially, snapshots of our way of existing in the world. Fragments of literature, stories, recipes, short technical essays. We introduced the theme of the Borghi, the little medieval towns nestled away in the folds of our Italy, endless sources of hidden surprises, hidden gems, sometimes just around the corner, and sometimes not valued as they should be.

We interviewed people who told us about their visions for a liveable future. We investigated the habits of people who, despite appearances, are trying to create a less skewed relationship with nature, starting from individual responsibility and thence developing long-term plans. From the dishes and recipes that we publish, for example, to whole new agricultural techniques.

Our magazine has won over a new audience, new signatures, new voices, and today it forms a melting pot of intellectual and cultural foment. And we are its willing ambassadors, spurred on by the ever-growing interest of those who are kind enough to read us.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank, in no particular order, those who have made a contribution to our enterprise. To them, and to all our readers, we say a heartfelt thank-you and extend our best wishes for the new year, for a good 2022, and for a good life.

Francesco Sorelli
Helen Farrell
Stefano Pellegrino Frassineti
Lidia Ceseri
Costanza Taiti
Vittorio De Sanctis
Sonia Gioia
Luca Bassi
and all those who write for us and to us.