The Wine Cellars at Poggio Casciano

A mysterious and isolated world lurks beneath the striking bulk of the Poggio Casciano Villa, dominated by the inescapable perfume of wine, redolent with fermentation. The cellar is suspended between modern times of techniques and technology and the reminiscences of a past that struggles to disappear.

It’s impossible to remain indifferent before the entrance into the semicircular tunnel, which holds the barrels in which the estate’s finest wines rest and refine.

Every now and again, you’ll be spellbound by the wine murmuring in the barrels and the warm hues of the semi-darkness, but the sounds of the past you swear you can hear will enchant too, such as the age-old echoes of military marching, the rattling of carriages, whinnying draught horses and workers shouting as they moved piles of furniture. 

All this happens in the comforting embrace of a steadfast network of curvaceous tunnels carved evenly into the stone and wood. Not even the most attentive eye will be able to find a straight stretch and will lose its way into such a fleeting evolution of perspective.