Rosatello: the color of the Dolce Vita

There are some wines that are older than just about all of us.

Iconic wines, wines that symbolize the most significant moments of an epoch, and which are sometimes remembered long after the people who produced them.

Wines that, without exaggeration, tell a story. Not the story of castles and their lords with their satin tablecloths and crystal goblets, but the story of us all: a story of friends around the table, raising a glass after work, enjoying the simple, serene moments of life.

Who has never heard uttered the word Rosatello, or – better – tasted what is probably the most famous rosé in Italy?

It was the 1950s when, on what appeared to be a crazy whim, the winery Ruffino decided to introduce a wine that was completely alien to most Italian palates. It was a beautiful, bright, sunny pink color – rosatello seemed to sum it up well – at a time when all wines were either white or red, rather like the two-party politics of the time. Its success was enormous.

Rosatello entered popular culture, becoming a word in everyday use. The brand became emblematic, like Kleenex, Campari, Nutella and a handful of others. It carved out a place in society’s customs, tinting the dolce vita with elegant rose-colored glasses, representing an Italy that was being reborn after the years of war. Vintage photos in black and white show the great actors of the time lounging in Rome’s Via Veneto and other great meeting places, a flask of Rosatello on the table. And yes, Rosatello, like Chianti, was originally bottled in those magnificent straw-swaddled flasks, a liter and a half in size. Later, it came in a bottle shaped like a waterdrop, called a gocciola. As much as those photos of the VIPs, the publicity ads of the time testify to the wine’s roaring success, a success that belonged to Italy. A “taste of Italian living” in hues of pink, a story of an Italy reborn, achieving greatness.

Stories sometimes come to an end. Rosatello, now wrinkled like certain poignant characters in Fellini movies, chose to make a graceful exit from the scene as the Seventies gave way to the Eighties. It was the end of a season that could never be repeated, the end of an era for our beloved, beautiful country.

Yet sometimes certain loves, as the song goes, “fanno dei giri immensi e poi ritornano” – they take a long, long trip and then come back. And love stories, stories in pink, only really end if they’re happy endings.

And now, Rosatello makes its return. It’s dressed for the times, young and dynamic, and ready to get back in the game. It has a personality unique among its kind: a decisive color, a freshness in the mouth that makes it perfect for any occasion, laidback or formal. It has aromas of red berries, just ripened, which brings to mind all those sensations that only the most gorgeous springs and summers can evoke. This is the spirit that guides Rosatello, a wine that always wants to be your companion, whatever the situation. Whether it’s an aperitivo on the beach or a nice plate of meat or fish, whether it’s a pizza with friends of a slightly mad Bohemian party – we’ve missed them, but we hope they’ll be back soon! It doesn’t matter how old your friends are: a new Rosatello for a new Dolce Vita.