Poggio Casciano, in the name of the rose

“Rosa Fresca Aulentissima” is one of the most famous and quoted beginnings in Italian literature, drawn from the repertoire of thirteenth-century courtly poetry penned by the erudite and delicate Cielo d’Alcamo. Very few people are able to recite the rest of the verse, but many remember the suggestive double entendres whispered from one high school desk to another.

The rose is “the” flower: opulent, rich, seductive, highly perfumed, eliciting strong feelings and absolute engagement. It acts as a guideline for the Poggio Casciano Estate, in Bagno a Ripoli, where Ruffino embodies an authentic portrayal of Tuscan values. Roses are found in every possible shade in the Italian gardens in front of the villa, the hub of the Agriresort; they grow in the hanging flowerbeds of the arbor at the restaurant Locanda Le Tre Rane; and they appear traditionally planted at the end of the vines, surrounded every which way by verdant vineyards.

For this reason, the rose takes center stage in the new logo of Poggio Casciano to emphasize the special bond between this glorious flower and humankind, whose constant union over the centuries has resulted in its most dazzling expression. After all, the rose window was a distinguishing and innovative element of the Florentine Renaissance, whose quest for formal and harmonious perfection achieved perfect representation in the beloved flower. From such culture and history, the rose has assumed a value that transcends symbolism and becomes a language all of its own.

Poggio Casciano and the rose stand first and foremost alongside the Estate’s other amenities, now a galaxy brimming with nuances and opportunities: the frog, which in obvious coherence with the name, characterize the Locanda Le Tre Rane and the food home delivery service “A Casa Tua”; the flask, the identification mark of the Bottega, selling local specialties and Ruffino wines, including rare old vintages, and a special bond with one of the symbols of Tuscan winemaking in general and Ruffino in particular, which has developed its entire story around the glass flask; the frieze of the Agriresort, whose geometry resemble the neighbouring gardens and is reminiscent of roses.

This combination, which is summed up in the amenities provided by Poggio Casciano, elevates the winemaking vocation, albeit central and vital, making the estate a multifaceted place, a well-cut diamond. Experiences on the Poggio Casciano Estate include cellar tours, guided tastings, seasonal snacks at the Bottega and picnic hampers prepared by the Locanda. It’s a winning formula that also guides the vision of Vivere di Gusto, of which this magazine is one expression.

The new visual aspect shapes all the Estate’s branding, and will be introduced gradually across all areas to better portray Poggio Casciano’s unique character.