Le Tre Rane to your door

The long lockdown severely limited our restaurant activity, but it didn’t stop us from thinking and planning.

In fact, we used the time to launch a daily event directly on Facebook: Francesco and Beppe chatted with friends about a wide range of topics, but mostly about food, wine and – how could we forget – literature.

We went with this idea, the idea of entering the homes of anyone who wanted to open the door to us, and turned it into good, solid reality. We launched a culinary “emergency hatch”, as it were, so that people could enjoy the fruits of our kitchen anytime they wanted, with a menu adapted for home delivery.

It was very clear to us that “delivery”, as we tend to call it today, was not the restaurant’s usual modus operandi. We therefore planned a way of literally bringing Le Tre Rane into the homes of our patrons.

Hence the birth of our panieri (“hampers”), a comforting word that always makes you feel immediately at home. In this case, it’s a word that means everything: meat, risottos, meatballs, Tuscan-style fish and chips and a special episode for Saturday nights.

Lunch and dinner, hopefully with one of our wines. It was a joy to start receiving those calls and send off our hampers, savouring that feeling, now a memory, of saying hello to people and wishing them buon appetito!