Le Tre Rane Estate

It’s been over a month since Poggio Casciano returned to some kind of normality, and again we’re welcoming plenty of food and wine enthusiasts to the Le Tre Rane restaurant, to tours and tastings, and to well-deserved breaks at the Agriresort. And it’s all thanks to you, whom we are lucky enough to welcome as often as we do!

You will have noticed that we are pretty much as we were, but slightly different. We follow the new health and safety rules to the letter, prioritising control of the virus over everything else; and over the months of enforced rest, Poggio Casciano has thought about its style of hospitality, defining them as three distinct pillars, if you like, upholding the same principles: 

  1. 1.The “food” area, on the first floor of the villa, with its tasteful yet welcoming dining rooms. It also includes Le Tre Rane’s new pergola, which is made of wrought iron and weathered steel, threaded with roses, citrus plants and the most fragrant flower species. The pergola also serves as the base of our Le Tre Rane – A Casa Tua food delivery service.   
  2. 2.The “relaxing” area, the wing of the villa that is home to our Agriresort and its lavish breakfasts. The soothing bedrooms and the swimming pool offer views over the surrounding countryside.
  3. 3.The “wine” area, and this is where we’re launching the big new releases of the summer (from Thursday 23 July). Our enoteca, which is very soon set to become a true wine shop, lays on a bar-à-vin style aperitivo, a selection of our wines (maybe a glass of Aqua di Venus?) accompanied by such lip-smacking bites as our polpette, our Tyrrhenian anchovies or our now-renowned schiacciapizze.

Tour & Tastings will revolve around the Bottega del Vino, which will absorb our current enoteca. Our menu is constantly expanding – there will even be chocolate tasting sessions with our Antica Ricetta amaro. Everything puts Ruffino wines centre stage.


Food, leisure and wine will always underpin each one of these three areas, informing the creative vision of the whole estate, constantly sparking off new initiatives. Just one example: every Tuesday in August and September, we go into the villa’s woodland to relax with a glass in hand and a basket of good food, savouring La Merenda-Cinema di Poggio Casciano, our little cinema festival under the stars.


All this is done with the aim of bringing more of the beauty and goodness in absolute safety to Poggio Casciano, to make it even more of a place where you experience the values that have always shaped Ruffino. It’s a tapestry that never fades, woven like the straw around a flask; it’s the best of the agricultural life, of the men and women who sat at Etruscan and Renaissance tables, that we celebrate in “flavors of life”, caressed by millennia of flavours, humanity, and the beauty of wine.

We hope that, reading this, you can’t wait to visit, for the first time or to come back. We’re looking forward to seeing you. We’ll be here throughout August too.


Attached: The new à la carte menu at Le Tre Rane


We look forward to seeing you!