Corporate social responsibility

A clear corporate social responsibility plan means it becomes possible to increase the attention given to CSR. When this mission becomes part of a company’s everyday life, environmental ethics become an asset to the business.

If, on the one hand, the word “sustainability” has acquired differing values in the agribusiness story, on the other hand, we can summarize sustainability by pinpointing the production processes that repeat themselves without exhausting the key factors. This is a choice that has no alternatives in today’s world and that requires the commitment of everyone, including partner companies, as we work towards circular economic models. The concept of business is surpassed by projects centered on the environment, responsible drinking, consideration of others and women empowerment.

“At the end of 2018 our estates received the Biodiversity Friend certification from the World Biodiversity Association,” comments Maurizio Bogoni, director of Tenute Ruffino. “We love our land. This organic conversion process is our commitment to protect the unique places where we are fortunate to work. It represents a natural evolution of the practices that we have established in managing our estates. We practice precision viticulture, which has led to our management of different vineyards based on their soil and climate. This allowed us to considerably reduce herbicides and pesticides, making the timing of our team’s mechanical operations fundamental as well as the continuous monitoring of the health of the vines in order to prevent disease.”