Arezzo for Tiziano

We are delighted to talk about a campaign that emphasizes the importance of our area with an approach that’s perfectly aligned with the idea of "social sustainability". Let’s have a look at the press release from the Fondazione Arezzo Intour:


"Tiziano Barbini is an actor. He has ring chromosome 15 syndrome and he’s a proud citizen of Arezzo. He’s the face of the new promotional campaign Arezzo secondo Tiziano”, with which the Fondazione Arezzo Intour hopes to relaunch Arezzo as a tourist destination.

With an acerbic wit and the spirit of a true Tuscan, he tells a different story, full of the colorful language that would make a pedant wince. It’s a story of authenticity, without affectation: the story of a wondrous land.

No glamour, no bombast: from cuisine to art, from nature to peasant culture, Tiziano takes the viewer by the hand and leads them through his beloved Arezzo. With eyes wide open, we are able to grasp the old, true spirit of the place.

The mini-series is made up of eight episodes, airing every Thursday from 13 May on the tourist portal and on the Fondazione Arezzo Intour’s social media pages.

It’s a counter-cultural choice that has a particular communication goal: to celebrate the authenticity of an area where beauty and truth go hand in hand, making the visitor feel as much a citizen as the native Aretines.


The episodes of the series are made by Poti Pictures, the first social film production company in the world. It is based on an idea by the director Daniele Bonarini.

The campaign can be seen on Discover Arezzo.