Aqua di Venus, pink Tuscany

It might be the color, the shade of seduction. Or the graceful filigree aromas. Or the flavors, simultaneously bold and gentle. Or it could be all of these attributes that compile the fatal attraction that has turned Aqua di Venus into an unexpected success. Sold out, project to be revised and strategies adapted. It’s proven to be a positive experience and confirmation that intuition and strict planning are profoundly valuable combinations.

So, what is Aqua di Venus? It’s a rosé wine, with one part Syrah, one part Sangiovese and one part Pinot Grigio, produced under the quality brand of Indicazione Geografica Tipica Toscana (Typical Geographical Indication in Tuscany). The grapes hail from Maremma, in southern Tuscany, and form a composition that might not be original, but it’s certainly unusual. Your regular consumer explores this wine more by closing his or her eyes and savoring the blend of power and warmth, passionate oomph and mischievous pep, being won round by the spiced overtones and cracking finish. That’s only if you’re not distracted by the bottle, which is worth the journey alone. It’s a masterpiece of mass-produced artistry by Vetreria Etrusca, whose thin ribs point to the label reminiscent of St Jacques scallop shells or the throne of Botticelli’s Venus for the more attentive among us.

A universe of cross-references, resumptions and rebounds that come alive served with panzanella salads and vignarola sides, fettunte toast and little marinated fishes, as well as pasta dishes with vegetable sauces and young, beautifully made cheeses.

It’s a bottle that leaves a mark, literally. The name is engraved on the bottom, leaving a trace on the tablecloth, an impression that slowly fades away. A successful metaphor for a rather particular wine.