Home delivery: something old, something new

There’s nothing new about the idea of having food delivered to your door, just like there’s nothing new about takeaway: food on the go is an integral part of the world’s gastronomic history, especially in Italy.


Restaurants, as we know them today, are a recent concept. Prior to this, quality cooking, whether refined, classic or haute cuisine, was the prerogative of aristocratic homes and courts, the only places that could afford a kitchen staff. Everything else was street food, eateries where delivery was carried out in myriad ways.


From the kiosk, where you could buy a parcel filled with various fare depending on the geographical location, to the osteria that served wine alongside food brought from home, and the typical Italian trattoria, where the"trattore" – a direct Italianization of "traiteur", the French trattatore – served simple everyday dishes, food has always travelled in an variety of forms while, of late, home deliveries have become a quick meal option, eaten without too much formality. A pizza, a Chinese meal, sushi, as we’ve (un)learnt from the American movie portrayal of kitchen-less houses.


But the pandemic with its forced closures has obliged the entire restaurant industry, with its immense creativity, to devise new forms of home delivery. From basic solutions, whereby paper plates are loosely folded as a takeaway container, to more structured operations, in which all the production has taken on a different guise intended for travel.


These are probably the concepts that will have the most success: the ones in which the entire production process is based on transportation. From supply to cooking, from recipe to container, from placing orders to waste disposal, every step is focused on achieving a result that meets the customer’s expectations, who has ordered the food based on a photo, a website or a menu.


All this is likely to leave a mark because plenty of people will realize that the professionalism and passion of our restaurant owners offers an enjoyable experience at home too. It might not be the same as eating out at a restaurant, but it is still an agreeable parcel of goodness, top ingredients and careful preparation.



The Locanda Le Tre Rane home delivery service has been operational for months and offers a special solution: "Panieri". This thoroughly Tuscan word for hampers elicits images of day trips, conviviality and all good stuff to be joyfully savored.